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Krewe of Freret

Location: Uptown New Orleans, St. Charles Route
Date: February 11, 2023 - Time: 3:30 p.m.
Year Founded: 2011
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the Krewe of Freret

In late 2011, seven young Loyola graduates lamented the notion of squandering hard earned money to join a formal Krewe where they knew virtually no one and would have limited input. So rather than joining an existing Krewe, they sought to enhance Mardi Gras by creating a world class parade.

Krewe of Freret name comes from a New Orleans street - photo by Jules Richard

Those simple three words that utter so softly off of your lips, “Krewe of Freret”, drive Tulane and Loyola alumni to come together for the greater good of Carnival. Whereas the word ‘Freret’ was previously a division line between two campuses, the Krewe of Freret aims to unify these enthusiastic young professionals and infuse new vigor into Mardi Gras while simultaneously fanning the revitalization of the Freret corridor and her traditions.

The Krewe has received incredible support from the community, with many Freret Street business owners counted as Krewe of Freret members.



The original Krewe of Freret paraded for over forty years, bringing joy to the Freret neighborhood until the mid-1990′s. The original Krewe was captained by Nash Barreca, with a den located at his family’s restaurant on Freret Street, Frank’s Steakhouse. The floats would line up on Freret Street behind the Loyola Field House (now the gym/parking garage)

The name comes from a old carnival organization - photo by Jules Richard

The Krewe’s LLC expired nearly twenty years ago, before the new Krewe apopted the moniker in late 2011. Several descendants of Freret’s original ranks grace the new Krewe’s membership roll. Much like the old Krewe, the new Krewe cherishes the Freret Street mixed business and residential community.

Every year, Krewe of Freret members nominate their favorite Carnival royalty. An annual public coronation ceremony is held at the intersection of Royal Street and Elysian Fields Avenue, immediately preceeding Krewe du Vieux and Krewe Delusion.

Krewe of Freret - photo by Jules richard

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Mardi Gras Parade Schedule New Orleans