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New Mardi Gras Pictures and Saturday's parades

posted February 10, 2007

2007 Pictures Posted Today
2007 KREWE OF Shangri-La Imperial Stroll
2007 KREWE OF OSHUN Parade

2007 PHUNNY PHORTY PHELLOWS & Jefferson City Buzzards
Meeting of the Courts

PHUNNY PHORTY PHELLOWS sing "If Ever I Cease To Love" - Video

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Parades Rolling on February 10, 2007

Krewe of Pontchartrain
"Can You Complete The Saying or Jingle"

14 floats
Throws: Frisbees, Black Cups, Plush Grouper Fish and more.

Mystic Krewe of Shangri-La
"The Renaissance of New Orleans"

19 floats
Throws: Black imprinted plush dragons, Lantern Beads, Dragon Head Chinese Parasols and more.

Knights of Sparta
"By the Gods"

16 floats
Throws: Glass beads, special officers doubloons, lighted medallion beads and more.

Krewe of Caesar
"Caesar's Movie Madness"

30 floats
Throws: lighted medallion beads, cups, footballs, plush crawfish and more.

Krewe of Pegasus
"Mirror of Time"

17 floats
50th Anniversary
Throws: stuffed Pegasus Horses, gold doubloons, frisbees, medallion beads and more.

Push Mow - Abita Springs 11:00 a.m.
Olympia - Covington 6:00 p.m.
Tee Caillou - Chauvin 12:00 p.m.
Aquarius - Houma 6:30 p.m.

Mystic Krewe of Shangri – La’s Imperial Stroll

posted February 7, 2007

Honoring 2007 Grand Marshall CHRIS OWENS

Queen Shangri-La XXXIV
Irene Matthew Parker
King Shangri-La XXXIV
William Lee Cowser

Friday, February 9, 2007
12:00 – 12:30 Cash Bar

12:30 – 2:00 Lunch – Omni Royal Orleans Rib Room (Limited Seating – Reservations Required)

2:00 p.m. Stroll Line up Touches Bar – Royal Street

Stroll begins at Touches accompanied by the Rebirth Brass Jazz Band. We meander down Royal to Bourbon Street via Bienville, stopping at the New Orleans Musical Legends Park for Southern Comfort mango daiquiris, and to celebrate Chris Owens’ 2006 induction and view the life size bronze statue in her honor. The Stroll continues down Bourbon to St. Ann for a champagne toast at Pere Antoine’s – hosted by proprietor Tricia Smith. We continue down St. Ann to Rue Chartres onto Decatur Street past the St. Louis Cathedral turning right on St. Peters strolling past the Pontalba Apts to Royal St. for refreshments at Touches Bar. We then second line down St. Louis to the Chris Owens Club for a private wine and cheese party.

Chris Owens invites everyone as her guest to stay for the 8:30 show – gratis to all strollers and their friends or spouses. Cash bar only.

Cost: Lunch - $32.00 per person
Stroll - $68.00 per person*
*Cost includes a Shangri-La Stroll bag, 6 dozen beads, sweatshirt and 25 Krewe cups.

For reservations call Pat Sugar 504-261-5043 For Press & media information or complimentary tickets please call Kitsy Adams, Chris Owens publicist, 504-495-8383

New Mardi Gras Pictures and Sundays parades

posted February 3, 2007

2007 Pictures Posted Today
2007 KREWE du Vieux Parade
2007 Metairie Cub Scouts Mardi Gras parade

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Parades Rolling on February 4, 2007

Krewe of Little Rascals
"Celebrate New Orleans Music"

14 floats
Throws: Doubloons, Medallion Beads, Cups and more.

Mystic Krewe of Perseus
"Dealers Choice"

14 floats
Throws: 10 different Doubloons, Medallion Beads,
Cups and more.

Pearl River Lions Club
Pearl River

Krewe du Vieux Set to Roll Tonight

posted February 3, 2007

Given that the whole damn city is foaming at the mouth mad … given that the inmates are obviously running the asylum (and the mayor obviously is not) … given that we gotta get our kicks before the whole nuthouse goes up in flames or sinks forever into the swamps … the only possible theme for the 2007 Krewe du Vieux parade is “Habitat for Insanity”. Acclaimed chronicler of our tribulations, the highly medicated Chris Rose, will serve as king and chief warden. The 2007 parade will roll on February 3 unless the entire Krewe has been previously committed.

The Krewe du Vieux is a non-profit organization dedicated to the historical and traditional concept of a Mardi Gras parade as a venue for individual creative expression and satiricalcomment. It is unique among all Mardi Gras parades because it alone carries on the old Carnival traditions, by using decorated, hand or mule-drawn floats with satirical themes, accompanied by costumed revelers dancing to the sounds of jazzy street musicians. We believe in exposing the world to the true nature of Mardi Gras -- and in exposing ourselves to the world

THEMES (so far):
CRUDECRUDE Flew into the Cuckoo’s Nest
SEEDSFollow the Yellow Brick Road Home
PANEdwards, Now More than Ever
SPERMESSPERMES Gets Its Head Examined
INANEMystic INANE Asylum
COMATOSEHabitat for Hispanics
MONDUChockfull of Nuts
LEWD Post Traumatic Sex Disorder
MISHIGASRebuilds the Tower of Babel
KSALLoad to Recovery – A Cuming Event
DRIPSD & D Gets Hammered and Nailed
UNDERWEAR - Alice in Underland
TOKIN - High Anxiety
MAMA ROUXThe Beauticians’ Village
BOURBONAlways Time for Levee-Tea

All Hail! Chris Rose as King and Chief Warden
This Year's Parade Date: February 3, 2007

Habitat for Insanity t-shirts are available for sale at Up In Smoke, 4507 Magazine Street.

Individual Krewe Sites
Krewe of Underwear:
Krewe Rue Bourbon:
Krewe of LEWD:
Krewe of Drips and Discharges:
Krewe de CRAPS:
Krewe of CRUDE:
Krewe de Mishigas:
Laissez Les Bon Temps Ole:

The History of the Krewe
The Krewe du Vieux was founded in 1987 from the ashes of the storied Krewe of Clones. This wild, satirical Carnival parade, which first marched in 1978, was based out of New Orleans' Contemporary Arts Center.

Unfortunately, in 1986, infighting among the Krewe/CAC leadership, combined with pressures from the City due to the parade occurring the night before the Super Bowl was to be played in New Orleans, caused the untimely demise of the Krewe of Clones. Not wishing to be denied a good time or any excuse for wild excess, two Clones sub-krewes -- the Krewe of Underwear and the Krewe of Mama Roux -- held a "Clone Funeral". An anatomically correct (and erect) clone was created and placed on a funeral cart, and a short march to a party site was planned.

At the last minute, the individual most responsible for the entire problem got word of the plans, and called the police on the unauthorized march. Informed by New Orleans' finest that they could not march in the street, since that would block traffic, the costumed mourners marched on the sidewalk, while eleven police cars rolled along next to them, blocking the street far more effectively than the marchers ever could have.

That same year, two other Clones sub-krewes, the Seeds of Decline and the Krewe of C.R.U.D.E., held their own informal march on Mardi Gras itself, in the French Quarter, with the theme of "The Stupor Bowl". After Carnival was over that year, the two groups got together, established an official parade date (three Saturdays before Mardi Gras, the old Clones date), and received permission to march in the French Quarter. Thus was born the Krewe du Vieux Carre (the old, French name for the Quarter), now shortened to Krewe du Vieux. The first Captain of Krewe du Vieux was Underwear's own Craig "Spoons" Johnson.

The following year, Susan Gibeault assisted Spoons as Co-Captain. In 1989, the third year of the parade, Ray "Plaine" Kern debuted as Captain, a post he would hold for ten years. Under Ray's watch the Krewe grew from about 150 drunks stumbling through the French Quarter in search of a bar, to become a relatively well-organized group of about 600 (most of them still drunk), with an actual parade route. Traditions such as the hand-made, hand- or mule-drawn floats and showcasing of the city's incredible brass bands became firmly established. The crowds watching the spectacle grew larger than Clones had experienced even in its heyday, and the annual Krewe du Vieux Doo, the ball after the parade, became one of the more storied parties of the year.

For the 1999 parade, the Captain's mantle fell on Keith Twitchell, who formed a committee of volunteers, known as the official Krewe du Vieux CABAL (or in some people's minds, the dirty dozen). Having burned out Captain "Plaine", we decided to make him King that year! And, in 2002, Katherine Cargo took on the leadership role as Captain Inertia. Membership capped out at 900 in 2003, the Krewe's 17th year; but the crowds continue to grow, and care is taken to make sure that Krewe du Vieux remains faithful to its satirical, outrageous and inebriated roots.


Sean Payton to join Patricia Clarkson as Monarch for the Krewe of Orpheus in 2007

posted January 24, 2007

The Krewe of Orpheus has amazed the parade goers since 1993, Parading on Lundi Gras, the night before Mardi Gras, and has exploded as the largest new Krewe in the past 30 years. Since that first ride, Orpheus has been the most eagerly anticipated Mardi Gras parade of the season. Past monarchs for Orpheus include Harry Connick Jr., Whoopi Goldberg, Glenn Close, Stevie Wonder, Toby Keith, Laurence Fishburn, Dan Ackroyd, Little Richard, Delta Burke, Travis Tritt and James Brown.

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton will join actress Patricia Clarkson as a 2007 celebrity monarch for the Krewe of Orpheus. This year, Orpheus organizers said they wanted to select specific monarchs who have been instrumental in the city's hurricane Katrina recovery. Few have done more to lift the cities spirits than Saints Head coach Sean Payton and the 2006 New Orleans Saints, said Sonny Borey, the Orpheus Krewe captain. The entertainment for the 2007 Orpheuscapade will be IVY, The Top Cats, and Tony Hall and the Heros featuring Mahogany Blue.

Payton Born Dec. 29, 1963 in San Mateo, Calif., and raised in Naperville, Ill., Payton and his wife, Beth, have a daughter, Meghan and a son, Connor Thomas.Sean Payton was hired as the 14th head coach in Saints history on Jan. 18, 2006 after being a member of the Dallas Cowboys staff since 2003.

PLAYING CAREER: Eastern Illinois, 1982-86; Chicago Bruisers (Arena Football League), 1987; Ottawa Rough Riders (CFL), 1987; Chicago Bears, 1987.

COACHING CAREER: San Diego State, 1988-89; Indiana State, 1990-91; San Diego State, 1992-93; Miami (Ohio), 1994-95; Illinois, 1996; Philadelphia Eagles, 1997-98; New York Giants, 1999-2002; Dallas Cowboys, 2003-05; New Orleans Saints (head coach), 2006-.

Though the Saints 2006 season ended with a 39-14 loss against Chicago in the NFC championship game on Sunday, the season was far from a loss.

Patricia Clarkson, also born 29 December, 1959. Was born and raised in New Orleans, the deep-voiced actress studied drama at Yale. She stayed on the East coast working in theater productions before her feature film debut in The Untouchables (1987) as the wife of Elliot Ness. Continuing to work in film, she gained attention for her role as the drug-addicted Greta in the independent film High Art. Also working in TV, she had reoccuring roles on Wonderland and Fraser, and even won an Emmy award for her role as Sarah on the HBO drama Six Feet Under. She gave memorable performances in her smaller film roles, such as the bedridden wife in The Green Mile. Her career really picked up in 2002 with appearances in such films as the Russo brothers' Welcome to Collinwood, Todd Haynes' Far From Heaven, and Lars von Trier's Dogville. In 2003, Clarkson appeared in several films at the Sundance Film Festival, where she won the Outstanding Performance award for her work in All the Real Girls, The Station Agent, and Pieces of April. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide.

Harry Connick Jr. is also expected to ride, said Ardley Hanemann, a krewe spokesman. Orpheus has dedicated its artistic talents to present the blending of classical, floral, design of the original and turn of the century Mardi Gras floats, with the size and grandeur of today's modern Mardi Gras.With Signature Floats, Smokey Mary, Trojan Horse and it's one-of-a-kind fiber-optic, and the fantastic139 foot creation the Leviathan float.

If you would like to attend this legendary New Orleans spectacle, please contact us to order tickets. Festivities start at 7pm and last until 2:30am. Formal attire is required. Tables are round, seat 10 people and are assigned on a first come basis. You may bring your own liquor, and set-ups are provided at the table: soft drinks, tonic, soda, cups and ice. Food service begins after the parade has completely entered the convention center.

The Orpheuscapade is like nothing you have ever encountered, and you can only experience it in New Orleans with the Krewe of Orpheus!

January 6th Twelfth Night

posted January 5, 2007
A few things to keep you busy this Twelfth Night....

The Heralds of Carnival !!!!!
The Phunny Phorty Phellows

Phunny Phorty Phellows To Take
Different Streetcar Route to Announce
Start of 2007 Carnival Season

The Heralds of Carnival !!!!!

With Endymion having been once again been assigned to the St. Charles Avenue route, the Phunny Phorty Phellows will provide the only organized Carnival activity along the traditional Canal Street route this year.

Because the Phellows’ traditional St. Charles streetcar path is still undergoing repair, the group will break precedent this Saturday Night January 6 and begin their ride on N. Carrollton near City Park.

The costumed and masked krewe will assemble on the neutral ground in front of City Park (at North Carrollton next to Beaureguard Circle) at 6:30pm and will board the streetcar at 7pm sharp.

“We are so pleased to be riding through Historic Mid-City.” states the Captain of the Phellows. “ We'll proceed down Carrollton, turn left on Canal Street, arrive at the Mississippi Riverfront terminus and retrace the route, ending back at City Park. Mid-City is a neighborhood that is working very hard to bounce back from Katrina and we applaud the progress its residents are making. We also appreciate the cooperation of the Regional Transit Authority in this endeavor. Many folks may not realize that the RTA headquarters is located in Mid-City.”

The Phellows will be accompanied by the Storyville Stompers Brass Band.

The Phellows are an historic Mardi Gras organization that first took to the streets 1878 through 1898. They were known for their satirical parades and today¹s krewe members’ costumes often reflect topical themes. The group was revived in 1981.

One Carnival historian has referred to the organization as the “Dessert of Carnival.”

visit their website at

Zeus 50th Anniversary Parade

The Krewe of Zeus was actually established in 1957. In 1958 they presented the first night time parade ever held in a suburb outside of New Orleans on Metairie Road. Today they are considered the oldest parading organization in Jefferson Parish.The club became the first such krewe to own its den and the first to provide reviewing stands for special children.

Mythical Zeus, the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea, he was the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and of the Pantheon of gods who resided there. Being the supreme ruler he upheld law, justice and morals, and this made him the spiritual leader of both gods and men. Zeus was a celestial god, and originally worshiped as a weather god by the Greek tribes. As his main attribute is the thunderbolt, he controlled thunder, lightning and rain. Theocritus wrote circa 265 BCE: "sometimes Zeus is clear, sometimes he rains". He is also known to have caused thunderstorms. In Homer's epic poem the Iliad he sent thunderstorms against his enemies. The name Zeus is related to the Greek word dios, meaning "bright". His other attributes as well as lightning were the scepter, the eagle and his aegis (this was the goat-skin of Amaltheia).

The Zeus organization staged more than two dozen bal masques at the New Orleans municipal Auditorium, before changing formats in 1986.

Krewe of Zeus usual Lundi Gras Night spectacular is the Jefferson Paraish Mardi Gras highlight of the year. Fashioned as a contemporary-styled parade, the traditional feel of carnival is preserved in the mule-drawn king's float and calliope. Though this year they will parade on January 6th, 2007 (7pm) on the traditional St. Patricks Day Parade old Metairie Road route with a few grand marked changes.

The 2007 Parade will begin at 41st Street and Severn (Rummel High School) turn right on Metairie Road, Then take a left on Bonnabel to Hesoid Street turning back on Bonnabel to Metairie Road, ending at Focis Street.

One should note here that Hesoid a greek Poet, who lived around 700 BC serves as a major source for knowledge of the Greek gods and their mythology, farming techniques, archaic Greek astronomy and ancient time-keeping.

Zeus was the highest deity on Mount Olympus and served as the ruler of all the gods of ancient Greece. Before the abolition of monarchies, Zeus was protector of the king and his family. Once the age of Greek kings faded into democracy he became chief judge and peacemaker, but most importantly civic god. He brought peace in place of violence and Hesiod (circa 700 BCE) describes Zeus as "the lord of justice". Zeus was also known as "Kosmetas" (orderer), "Soter" (savior), "Polieos" (overseer of the polis, city) and "Eleutherios" (guarantor of political freedoms). His duties in this role were to maintain the laws, protect suppliants, to summon festivals and to give prophecies (his oldest and most famous oracle was at Dodona, in Epirus, northwestern Greece). As the supreme deity Zeus oversaw the conduct of civilized life. But the "father of gods and men" as Homer calls him, has many mythological tales.

Krewe of Zeus (the king of the gods), continues the ancient tradition by calling its doubloons, drachmas, and by employing the Greek motif throughout its parade and ball.

Alla celebrates 75 years with mini-Parade

The Krewe of Alla will be celebrating 75 years of parading by staging a mini parade from 3pm-5pm in Gretna and Algiers.

WWOZ 3rd Annual 12th Night Party

Featuring Little Freddy King, Al "Carnival Time" Johnson, Egg Yolk Jubilee, Sunpie & The Louisiana Sunspot, and a King Cake & Costume Contest.

price : $13.00
date : Sat, January 06
door : 8:00pm
show : 9:00pm

House of Blues New Orleans
225 Decatur St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

visit their website at

Patricia Clarkson Announced as Monarch for the Krewe of Orpheus in 2007

posted January 4, 2007
The Krewe of Orpheus (New Orleans) has announced their Monarch for Mardi Gras 2007 as Patricia Clarkson. New Orleans Native and daughter of prominent local politician Jackie Clarkson garnered critical acclaim for her work in The Station Agent (2003).

For over a decade, the Krewe of Orpheus has mesmerized the crowds who jam the streets of New Orleans awaiting its arrival. From its founding in 1993, Orpheus has consistently stunned the revelers on Lundi Gras, the night before Mardi Gras, and has exploded as the largest new Krewe in the past 30 years. Since that first ride, Orpheus has been the most eagerly anticipated Mardi Gras parade of the season.

Past Monarchs for the Krewe of Orpheus include Whoopi Goldberg, Glenn Close, Camryn Manheim, Sandra Bullock, Debbie Allen, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Steven Seagal, Toby Keith, Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburn, Tommy Tune, Vanessa Williams, Dan Ackroyd, Branford Marsalis, James Brown, Jay Thomas, Little Richard, David Copperfield, Delta Burke, Gerald McRainey, Josh Hartnett, Josh Gracin, Anne Rice, Dominic Monaghan, Christian LeBlanc, Nicole Miller, Brad Paisley, Travis Tritt and Sawyer Brown.

Patricia Clarkson, born and raised in New Orleans, the daughter of Jackie Clarkson (a prominent local New Orleans politician) and Buzz Clarkson, was acting in school plays in her early teens.

After studying speech at Louisiana State University for two years, she transferred to Fordham University in New York, where she graduated summa cum laude with a degree in theatre arts. She earned her M.F.A. at the prestigious Yale School of Drama, where she appeared in Electra, Pacific Overtures, Pericles, La Ronde, The Lower Depths and The Misanthrope at the Yale Theatre.

She made her professional acting debut on the New York stage, where she has appeared in Eastern Standard both on and off Broadway; Nicky Silver's Raised in Captivity and The Maiden's Prayer, for which she received Outer Critics Circle and Drama Desk Award nominations; and the Manhattan Theatre Club's presentations of Wolfman, Oliver, Oliver and Richard Greenberg's acclaimed Three Days of Rain.

Her regional credits include stagings at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, the South Coast Repertory and the Yale Repertory. She also co-starred in John Guare's Tony-winning House of Blue Leaves at Lincoln Center, and had to leave her role of the deaf movie star in that play to make her movie debut as Eliot Ness' wife in Brian DePalma's highly-praised 1987 gangster epic, The Untouchables.

While maintaining a busy career on the stage, she continued with movie roles in such projects as Simply Irresistible, Pharaoh's Army, Jumanji, Rocket Gibraltar, Everybody's All-American, The Dead Pool and Tune in Tomorrow.

She won raves for her role of Greta in the critically acclaimed independent drama High Art.

The awards began pouring in during 2002, when Clarkson won an Emmy for "Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series" for the TV series Six Feet Under, a "Best Female Performance" award from the Deauville Film Festival for her role in The Safety of Objects (2001) and a New York Film Critics Circle "Best Supporting Actress" award for her supporting role in the feature film Far From Heaven (2002). The awards kept piling up the following year when she won a National Society of Film Critics Award for her role in Far From Heaven (2002) and a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for her role in The Station Agent (2003). In 2004, she received her highest actor honor to date -- an Academy Award nomination for her role as a dying mother in Pieces of April?

visit their website at
Patricia Clarkson's Website:

Endymion Extravaganza Line-Up Announced

posted December 19, 2006
Though Endymion has been ordered to parade uptown in 2007. That doesn't mean the Parade or Extravaganza for 2007 Mardi Gras will lose any of it's Mystical Mid City Mardi Gras luster.

Endymion Krewe Captain Ed Muniz said that NOPD has stated that Krewe of Endymion has been ordered back to the Uptown route because other parades scheduled for that day will be parading Uptown and trying to cover two routes in separate parts of the city would stretch the force too thin, due to a shortage of New Orleans police officers

Muniz has also announced that this year Legendary singer Reverend Al Green. Known the world over for his extraordinary singing voice, and unmistakable sound and his legendary hits. With Everything’s OK, his new release for Blue Note Records, Al Green comes to an exciting new chapter in his artistry. Strong in voice and in spirit, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer sings a dozen songs that reveal his renewed passion for the kind of music that made him a household name some 30 years ago.

Also appearing will be and the bands Styx, an American arena rock band that saw great success in the 1970s and 1980s, penning such hits as "Come Sail Away," "Babe," and "Mr. Roboto." They were the first musical act ever to have four consecutive multi-platinum albums.
The group originally formed in the Chicago, Illinois, area in 1961 as "The Tradewinds" and played local bars while attending Chicago State University. This earliest line-up of the group included brothers Chuck and John Panozzo on guitar and drums, respectively; and vocalist, pianist, keyboardist, and accordion player Dennis DeYoung. Changing their name briefly to "TW4", Chuck switched to bass guitar and the band added guitarists/vocalists James "J.Y." Young and John Curulewski.

Also appearing will be Journey.
Founded in 1973 in San Francisco around former Santana members Neal Schon and Gregg Rolie, with the assistance of Ross Valory, George Tickner and Prairie Prince, Journey’s legacy has spanned over 30 years with 18 U.S. releases and over 75,000,000 in album sales. Their music is artful, intense, melodic rock played with passion and superb musicianship.

Journey’s initial style was progressive jazz-rock, complete with extended and improvised solo spots, a style much in evidence on their first three albums for Columbia Records. In April 1975 Tickner bowed out of music to attend Stanford Medical School. He was eventually replaced by ex-Alien Project vocalist, Steve Perry (following a brief tenure by Robert Fleischman).

The switch to their signature highly sophisticated rock occurred with the recording of their hugely successful album, Infinity. Journey’s drummer, Aynsley Dunbar, was unhappy with this new style and left for Jefferson Starship, to be replaced by legendary drummer Steve Smith. The band’s next release, Evolution followed and brought the band their first US Top 20 hit, "Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin".

All three will perform at the krewe’s giant post-parade party, known as the Extravaganza, at the Louisiana Superdome February 17th 2007.

visit their website at
Al Green:

Tony Soprano to reign as Bacchus 2007

posted December 12, 2006
The Krewe of Bacchus has announced their ruler for Mardi Gras 2007 as James Gandolfini. Best known for his role as mob boss Tony Soprano, he began his acting career in the New York Theater. His Broadway debut was in the 1992 revival of "A Street Car Named Desire" with Jessica Lange and Alec Baldwin. James' breakthrough role was his portayal of Virgil the hitman in Tony Scott's True Romance (1993).

The son of Italian-Americans James Gandolfini (1935-2005) and Santa Gandolfini (1937-1992), he was exposed to acting while a young man living in New York City when he accompanied a friend to an acting class.

Gandolfini was born in Westwood, New Jersey, grew up in Park Ridge, New Jersey, graduated from Park Ridge High School, and currently lives in New York City. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Rutgers University.

Among some of his more well-known film roles include playing Virgil in 1993 romantic thriller True Romance where he plays a brutal woman-beating mob enforcer. 1994 saw Gandolfini play Ben Pinkwater in Terminal Velocity as nice guy turned Russian mafia leader.

The next two years were busy for Gandolfini as he appeared in three blockbusting movies. First was Crimson Tide where he appeared along side Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington, which he would go on to work with both men later on in his career, Washington in 1998 thriller Fallen and Hackman in 2001 comedy The Mexican. In the same year looking a lot different from Crimson Tide Gandolfini returns to play tender bodyguard Bear in Get Shorty.

In 8mm (1999), he played Eddie Poole (based loosely on playboy studio director Darryl F. Zanuck) beaten to death by Nicholas Cage in an abandoned house for being part of a snuff movie in which a young girl was murdered. Other characters he played are the charismatic but ill-fated salesman in The Man Who Wasn't There, an enemy of Robert Redford in The Last Castle, and a homosexual hitman in The Mexican.

Although he acted on Broadway and in various films in the 1990s, Gandolfini's most acclaimed role is that of Tony Soprano, the Mafia boss and family man in the multi-award-winning HBO series The Sopranos, which debuted in 1999. He has won three Emmys for Best Actor in a Drama for his work on the show.

Recently Gandolfini has spent time in Louisiana and New Orleans to film the movie "All The Kings Men" (a movie about a politician based loosley on Huey Long starring Sean Penn, Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins and Kate Winslet)

Currently he is living in Greenwich Village in New York City.

The Krewe of Bacchus rolls on Feb 18, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. on the uptown route
Theme: "Through the Eyes of a Child"
visit their website at

Mardi Gras Will Return to Mid-City For 2007

posted November 25, 2006

Although Mardi Gras is celebrated around the world, no one does it quite like New Orleans own Phunny Phorty Phellows.

The Phunny Phorty Phellows Boss and Queen toast with officials from the Krewe of Oak to kick off Carnival Season

New Orleans Mardi Gras is music, parades, King Cakes, floats, beads, and Phunny Phorty Phellows Streetcar Parade . Each year on the evening of January 6 th, the Phunny Phorty Phellows (PPP), a group of about 50 costumed men and women, Herard the official opening of the Carnival season by riding a decorated streetcar. Mardi Gras 2007 will mark the 26th year that the Phellows have kept up this unique Mardi Gras tradition. Despite the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina August 29, 2005, New Orleans celebrate Mardi Gras 2006 ... it was a meaningful and memorable holiday for everyone who attended in 2006. Fabulous weather, amazing costumes, and the chance for family and friends to reunite and enjoy a day away from their current daily reality of restoring or rebuilding their homes.

Phunny Phorty Phellows ride streetcar and throw beads to Kick off the Carnival Season

Tossing Mardi Gras Beads from their traditional electric streetcar dressed in satirical costumes Phunny Phorty Phellows takes to the streets each year despite their personal continuing hardships. You may ask, because of Katrina have the traditions changed? Well... 2007 marks the Krewes first ride starting in Mid City rather then the usual Traditional route. The actual Streetcar ride will begin in Mid City, Rather then Uptown on Willow Street.

Carrollton Street Station, the typical Starting point for the  Phunny Phorty Phellows

The Phunny Phorty Phellows used to make their launch of Carnival with a streetcar ride along St. Charles Avenue, but that route still has no power. There usually are about 12 days of parades leading into Mardi Gras, this year 10. When Hurricane Katrina breached the levees in New Orleans on August 29, 2005, it devastated the city's streetcar lines along with a large percentage of the city. The historic St. Charles line stayed mostly above water but the storm's winds knocked over trees damaging trolley wire and tracks, meaning the line will be out of service for an extended period. But, despite great obstacles this year again the Phunny Phorty Phellows will continue their traditional ride. The Riverfront and Canal lines saw less track and wire damage, but the power rectifiers and cars were severely flooded at the Randolph SIS, meaning substantial overhaul will be required. Partial service was restored just before Christmas using undamaged historic Perley-Thomas cars from the St. Charles line. The service was restored to the rest of Canal in April 2006 using Perley-Thomas cars and a portable power substation borrowed from Boston.

It's all about New Orleans, Mardi gras and a Good Time

Phunny Phorty Phellows Mardi Gras is New Orleans' signature party celebrating life and having a good time!

Accompanied by The Storyville Stompers a lively New Orleans Dixieland band, the group feasts on king cake Drink Champagne and tosses throws to the delighted onlookers.

But as 2006 marked several post Hurricane Katrina Mardi Gras changes City wide, the same applies for this year as well. 2007 marks the Krewes first ride starting in Mid City rather then the usual traditional Uptown route. The St. Charles Avenue Streetcar travels from the Central Business District past the Arts and Warehouse District, down the avenue along the edge of the Garden District and the fabled mansions of the American Sector. Continuing on, past Tulane and Loyola Universities and Audubon Park, Riverbend into the old city of Carrollton.
There are three streetcar lines in New Orleans. All are accessible from the French Quarter and downtown. The most historic and well-known is the St. Charles Avenue line which runs from Canal Street, through the American Sector, to the old city of Carrollton. The cars on this line are green. Sadly Hurricane Katrina's effect on the line has it still in disrepair.

The second is the Riverfront line. It runs along the Mississippi River from Esplanade Avenue, at the far end of the French Quarter, to the Convention Center. The cars on this line are red.

The third is the Canal Street line. It runs from the foot of Canal Street at the Mississippi River, along Canal Street, to Carrollton Avenue. An extension of this line runs to New Orleans City Park for access to the New Orleans Museum of Art.

There will be a Parade for Mid City Mardi Gras 2007

Official Mardi Grass Route of the Phunny Phorty Phellows for 2007 Mardi Gras

"We are very happy to be traveling through Mid-City this year." Says the Phunny Phorty Phellows Krewe Captain. "This is a neighborhood that's recovering at an encouraging pace and we're happy to be celebrating Mardi Gras and Mid-City's ability to bounce back after Katrina devastated it so." Though Endymion will be parading uptown again this year to the dismay of many Mid City residence. The City of New Orleans reversed itself and announced that no parades will be allowed to roll through Mid-City in 2007, meaning Endymion will parade uptown for one more year. The NOPD cited safety concerns and a lack of manpower and resources for the reasons they cannot patrol the uptown and Mid City routes at the same time on Saturday February 17, 2007.

In 2002 Endymion rolled uptown because of construction of the Canal Streetcar line. In 2006 in the aftermath of Katrina, the 2,200 member club voluntarily paraded from Napoleon and Tchoupitoulas. Though it has granted the smaller Phunny Phorty Phellows' Streetcar Parade the rights to do so in January 2007.

Phunny Phorty Phellows Parade

The rules of the Krewe are selected by King Cake

This Krewe of costumed men and women, founded in 1981, celebrates the official opening of the Carnival season by riding a decorated streetcar along St. Charles Avenue. Known as the Heralds of Mardi Gras, the group munches on King Cakes and sips champagne while tossing throws to the spectators, who are also serenaded by a jazz band called the Storyville Stompers. Associated with the Krewe of Clones and later, the Krewe de Vieux, the origin of Phunny Phorty Phellows' name came from a Nineteenth Century Krewe which first appeared in 1878 and were known for their hi-jinxs and mockery.


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Important Mardi Gras 2007 Parade Information

Mardi Gras 2007 Official Announcement

posted November 10, 2006

Today the City of New Orleans and the New Orleans Police Department have announced the 2007 Mardi Gras Parade Schedule. It is as follows. (Routes & Dates on this website to be updated ASAP)

10 days of Mardi Gras, 31 parades, more Floats with Krewes having a minimum of 14 floats. Schedule is 90% final. NOPD expects larger crowds this year.


Muses on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

Druids Wednesday instead of normal Tuesday Day

Morphes moved to Friday instead of normal Tuesday Day .

NOMTOC will roll (same route) move up start time 45 minutes to move police protection from Westbank to uptown for Endymion.

Saturn, Bards of Bohemia and Aladdin will not parade.

Zulu will start on Claiborne and Jackson and disband at Claiborne and Basin (1.5 miles reduced on route).

Pontchartrain and Shangri-LA move start time back 1 hour.

All East Bank Orleans Parish Parades will parade on the Uptown route.

THOTH will be on original route. (Yes it will go down Magazine)

Endymion Uptown.


MONDAY and TUESDAY will be dark days (no Parades).



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