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2010 Mardi Gras Headlines and News

Mardi Gras Ends On Good Note For NOPD
New Orleans police will get a much-deserved rest after putting in double and triple overtime during Mardi Gras. "I'm sure they're tired, but we were prepared for it," said Supt. Warren Riley, of the New Orleans Police Department. "Officers worked 12-hour days, some 16 hours, some 18 hours." Police dealt with activities, including football festivities, parades and a high number of tourists. Riley said police have been on extra duty to keep citizens and visitors safe. "Under normal circumstances, they'd be drained," Riley said. "Our officers were on high like everyone else in the city. People are positive. There is energy in the city right now." - WDSU.COM

Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, Krewe of Rex, Krewe of Argus, Krewe of Grela, Krewe of BES, Krewe of Lions, Krewe of Covington Krewe of Houmas and more... Truck parades include Krewe of Elks Orleans, Krewe of Crescent City, Krewe of Jefferson, Krewe of Elks Jefferson and more... - MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Rex and his Queen Announced
Reigning as Rex 2010 is Robert Hunter Pierson, Jr., a New Orleans businessman and community leader. He serves on many corporate and community boards, and has been an especially strong supporter of Tulane University and its Health Science Center. He is the husband of Catherine Deming Pierson. The Queen of Carnival, 2010, is Miss Katherine Saer Duncan. She is a Junior American Studies major at the University of Virginia where she is on the Dean's List. She has volunteered with the outreach program Seeds of Hope Brazil, and has worked in an orphanage and helped to construct a trade school there. - REXORGANIZATION.COM

Mardi Gras Parades for Monday, February 15, 2010
the Krewe of Proteus & the Krewe of Orpheus will roll un the uptown route in New Orleans while the Krewe of Zeus takes to the streets in Metairie and the, Krewe of Cleopatra is set to roll in Houma all on Lundi Gras - MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

The 2010 Lundi Gras Festival held at Woldenberg Park in New Orleans, LA.
The 18th Annual Zulu Lundi Gras Festival will take place on Monday, Februrary 15, 2010 in Woldenberg Park along the Mississippi River in the French Quarter. The Zulu organization will host a full day of fun and excitement for locals and visitors of New Orleans to enjoy. Witness the arrival of the Zulu King and Queen by U.S. Coast Guard Cutter along with his entourage at 5:00pm and King Zulu meets King Rex at 6:00pm. - LUNDIGRASFESTIVAL.COM

City of Gretna Lundi Gras Celebration
The City of Gretna, Louisiana And The Gretna Economic Development AssociationPresents its Annual Lundi Gras Celebration Monday, February 15, 2010 6:00 PM - 10:00 pm 4th Street at Huey P. Long Join us on the eve of Mardi Gras for a family celebration of Carnival at the Gretna Market in historic downtown Gretna. Meet Gretna Royalty! Live Music 6:00 Anders Osborne 8:00 pm Rockin Dopsie Jr. & The Zydeco Twisters Concessions available Free Admission - GRETNALA.COM

Lundi Gras Festivities in Kenner, LA
Come celebrate Lundi Gras in Kenner's Rivertown. The meeting of the Courts of Zulu & Argus. Free Live music featuring the Top Cats. 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Live Music, Crafts, Food & Fun! Entertainment is Free- KENNER.LA.US

Mardi Gras parades for Sunday February 14, 2010
A great day for parades as the rescheduled Krewe of babylon starts things off followed by the Krewe of Okeanos, the Krewe of Mid-City (the oldest parade today), and the Krewe of Thoth. The evening comes to a Super conclusion with the Krewe of Bacchus ending things (with of course Drew Brees as Bacchus). Several other parades are on tap throughout the area.- MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Mardi Gras parades for Saturday February 13, 2010
The Krewe of Iris and The Krewe of Tucks take to the streets during the day as the Krewe of Endymion with Grand Marshal Tom Benson rolls in the evening. In Metairie, the Krewe of Isis is set to roll and many more Krewes throughout the area.- MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Mardi Gras parades for Friday February 12, 2010
4 Parades hit the streets of New Orleans Today as the Krewe of Hermes starts the night off. Followed by the satirical Le Krewe d'Etat. Then look for the Krewe of Morpheus followed by the rescheduled Krewe of Muses. In Metairie the Krewe of Centurions will take to the streets and the Original Krewe of Orpheus rolls in Mandeville. Look for the Krewe of Selene in Slidell. .- MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

So here is what we know about rescheduled parades
The Krewe of Muses will parade on Friday night February 12, 2010 with new route and time. The Knights of Babylon will parade on February 14, 2010 preceeding the Krewe of Okeanos. The Knights of Chaos will not reschedule. All information is subject to change and we will keep you up to date with all changes as they become available.- MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

***ALERT*** Knights of Babylon and Krewe of Muses have postponed their Parades for 2-11-2010
The Krewe of Muses will roll on Friday 2-12-2010 at 7:15p.m. following the Krewe of Morpheus and the Knights of Babylon have not rescheduled as of yet (Last time this happen they moved before the Krewe of Mid-City on Sunday). We will have more information for you as it becomes available. Currently the Knights of Chaos are still expected to roll but may change due to weather as well. Please check back for updates.
***UPDATED*** the Knights of Chaos have cancelled their parade due to inclement weather and are not expected to reschedule. - WDSU.COM

Mardi Gras parades for Thursday February 11, 2010
Big night Uptown as The Knights of Babylon, Krewe of Muses and the Knights of Chaos hits the streets in which promises to be a memorable Knight .- MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Mardi Gras parades for Wednesday February 10, 2010
Mystic Krewe of Druids parades in New Orleans while the Krewe of Thor rolls in Metairie. .- MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Saints Super Bowl parade includes signature floats of several krewes
Just like the New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl on Sunday, this Tuesdays Black and Gold Super Bowl Parade in downtown New Orleans is shaping up to be a lifetime event. “I think that this is the first time that you’ll ever see all these floats together at one time, and very well could be the last time you ever see all these floats together,” said Barry Kern, president of Blaine Kern Studios, which is overseeing the event. Included will be the signature floats of Endymion, Bacchus, Rex, Zulu, Alla, Caesar, Tucks, Muses, Orpheus and Babylon, he said.- NOLA.COM

Mardi Gras parades for Super Bowl Sunday Sunday February 7, 2010
Krewe of Carrollton, Krewe of King Arthur, and the iconic Dog Parade Barkus will be sniffing the streets again, and more parades. For you to enjoy before the SAINTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL...- MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Mardi Gras parades for Saturday February 6, 2010
Krewe of Pontchartrain, Knights of Sparta, and Krewe of Pygmalion are set to roll Uptown, While the Superkrewe of Caesar hits the streets of Metairie. A triple threat of parades start the day on the Westbank with the Krewe of Choctaw celebrating 75 years leading the way followed by the Mystic Knights of Adonis and the rescheduled Krewe of Alla and lots more parades...- MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Mardi Gras parades for Friday Ferbruary 5, 2010
Krewe of Oshun set to roll Uptown, While Krewe of Excalibur and Krewe of Atlas are set to roll in Metairie. the Krewe of Eve will be rolling on the Northshore and the Krewe of Cleopatra opens up the season on the Westbank and more...- MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Mardi Gras throw orders rising, krewe captains say
When it comes to the 2010 Mardi Gras throw season, skinflints need not apply. Anyone looking for signs of a hard-pressed economy won’t find one in the dens, or hearts, of New Orleans krewes such as Muses, Orpheus, Thoth, Tucks, and the Mardi Gras kingpin Rex, a sampling of Carnival muscle whose signature Carnival throws are plushier, shinier and - well, in Tucks’ case, wackier as the season of pleading for beads, cups, and medallions revs up and counts down to Feb. 16 - NOLA.COM

Saints parade scheduled for Tuesday night, Feb. 9
The city of New Orleans will hold a parade to honor the New Orleans Saints football team on Tuesday, February 9 at night, a city spokesperson said Thursday. The parade will come on a night that was scheduled to be void of parades. A city spokesperson said the parade route and time were still to be determined, but that the parade would happen ‘win or lose.’ - WWLTV.COM

Are you Goddess enough to roll with the Muses?
Only 24 Hours left for this once in a lifetime chance for a woman (over 18 years of age) to ride in the 2010 Krewe of Muses Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans on Thursday, February 11, 2010. Celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of the most dynamic organizations in Carnival history. Bypass the 500+ women who have been waiting to ride for years, while raising money for a worthy cause. This year's charity ride benefits House of Ruth. Auction Ends Jan 29, 2010 16:27:14 PST - MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Mystic Krewe of Barkus announces it will parade one hour earlier due to the Super Bowl
As posted on the Mystic Krewe of Barkus website "Because of Super Bowl XLIV and its importance to the citizens of New Orleans, Barkus Parade will roll one hour earlier, promptly at 1PM!" Plus a up to date list of all the time and date changes due to the Super Bowl on Feb. 7, 2010.GO SAINTS!!! - MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Krewe of Gladiators won't roll in St. Bernard Parish this year
There won't be a parade in St. Bernard Parish on Mardi Gras this year after all. The Krewe of Gladiators, which was trying to restore its parade, as well as the tradition of a Carnival Day parade in the parish, said it won't roll. It was too difficult to attact enough riders and krewe officials didn't want to cause anyone problems by having to possibly cancel the ride closer to Mardi Gras, which is Feb. 16. - NOLA.COM

State police will be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras
State Police Superintendent Col. Michael Edmonson said on Thursday that he is taking steps to hold down overtime so that 118 troopers can be freed up to spend Carnival in New Orleans. - WWLTV.COM

Mardi Gras Parade is compiling an informal list of Marching Clubs in the area. Please send all information pertaining to your group including: year founded, date of march, time of march, route, information, history, King, Queen, theme, contact name, email, website and anything you feel may be helpful. - MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Shangri-La’s Strolling Revelers Honor the City That Care Forgot
The Shangri-La 2010 “Stroll” will increase by 133 percent over 2009. Members of the Krewe are excited about returning to the French Quarter as there is nothing like the intimacy of being at the level of the parade-goers. Being able to reach out to the people allows participants to truly experience the carnival spirit. Revelers will present beads, flowers, and other Mardi Gras trinkets to tourists and Stroll-goers along the route. Special musical offerings are planned at Jackson Square on Decatur Street. - MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Tickets to the City of New Orleans Grandstands on Sale, NOW!
Tickets for the City of New Orleans grandstands are on sale Now!. Parades available include, Endymion, Bacchus, Mid-City, Thoth, Iris, Tucks, Okeanos, Rex, Zulu and more. - MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Remembering Harold Myers By Errol Laborde
Harold Myers Jr. loved Carnival in New Orleans, and he celebrated it in a way unlike anyone else. He didn’t ride in a krewe and never reigned as a king, but he mastered capturing the spirit and integrity of the season. Myers’ moment was on the evening of Twelfth Night as the Christmas season segued into Carnival. He and his accomplices would gather their trench coats, float riders’ masks and a cowbell or two, plus the hand-printed signs they had made, and head to the streetcar barn. Once disguised, they would congregate near the spot where the Phunny Phorty Phellows were preparing for their annual Jan. 6 streetcar ride to announce the Carnival season’s arrival.- MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Phunny Phorty Phellows Herald the arrival of the 2010 Carnival Season
Carnival Officially begins with the ride of the Phunny Phorty Phellows on Twelfth Night.The Phunny Phorty Phellows will board at the RTA streetcar barn, located on Willow Street, at 6:30 p.m. on Twelfth Night, Wednesday, January 6th, 2010. The Phunny ride will begin at 7:00 p.m. sharp The streetcar, which, traditionally, is still bedecked in it’s yuletide dressings, will leave the station for a route that will take the partying Phellows on the St. Charles Streetcar line past Lee Circle and turnaround at Canal and then back to the barn. You can’t miss the streetcar, it’s the one with the really noisy party inside and a big sign hanging from it reading: “It’s Carnival Time!” - MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Agreement reached between N.O. mayor, council members over budget
Parade viewing stands at Gallier Hall for Mardi Gras now has the funding for the city to put them up and take them down. Negotiations have been ongoing on this issue since last month, with officials trying to reach a compromise between the two budgets: the mayor's budget and the council's budget. Significant cuts went into effect this week, but around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, all the parties said they had reached an agreement on the 2010 budget with many of the services restored.- WWLTV.COM

Rachael Ray To Lead Argus Parade
Celebrity chef Rachael Ray will lead the Krewe of Argus through Metairie this Mardi Gras. Ray, who hosts her own talk show and supervises the popular magazine "Every Day With Rachael Ray," will serve as the 2010 Grand Marshal for the 38th annual parade. - WDSU.COM

Tom Benson will serve as Grand Marshal for Endymion 2010
Tom Benson will serve as Grand Marshal of the Krewe of Endymion on Feb. 13, helping make the 2010 Carnival season perhaps the most Saints-centric on record. The team owner will preside over the Saturday superkrewe, followed by star quarterback Drew Brees reigning as Bacchus on Sunday and head coach Sean Payton riding as one of the celebrity monarchs in the Krewe of Orpheus on Monday. An announcement from Endymion said Benson will bring an entourage to the parade, including his wife Gayle, his granddaughter and team co-owner Rita Benson LeBlanc and a delegation of Saints players and staff members. - NOLA.COM

Captain Protests Carnival Cuts In E-Mail To Council
Sparta's top executive sent an e-mail to members of the City Council Thursday reminding them of City Hall's decision to eliminate viewing stands at Gallier Hall, where the annual Carnival toasts take place -- then blasting Mayor Ray Nagin for scheduling a king cake party to launch the parading season at that same location. "It is assumed that (Mayor Nagin) intends that my Queen and Court... stand on the street to greet the parade as it passes," the captain writes. "I can assure you that this will not happen. I, and my Officers, have already made other tentative arrangements for an alternative toasting stand for our Queen and Court... and it will be the city's loss to see an end to the tradition of the 'Gallier Hall Toast'." - WDSU.COM

More Carnival Parades Move To Avoid Super Bowl
Alla Moves To Saturday; Carrollton, King Arthur Roll Early. More Carnival krewes are making changes to their plans for Super Bowl Sunday, with parades moving dates and times to avoid rolling during the big game. WDSU has learned that Alla will move its parade from Sunday, Feb. 7, to Saturday, Feb. 6, and will follow the Choctaw and Adonis parades on the Westbank. In addition, the Carrollton and King Arthur parades schedule to roll uptown that Sunday will start one hour earlier -- beginning at 11 a.m. -- to accommodate the Super Bowl. - WDSU.COM

Budget cuts to affect Mardi Gras 2010
Nagin announced there will be no more city parade stands during Mardi Gras and a slower clean up time. He said the city will be canceling contracts for clean-up assistance and rely more on employees. - WWLTV.COM

Drew Brees to Reign as Bacchus 2010
It has been announced that Drew Brees will be Bacchus XLII one week after the Super Bowl XLIV. He will join the ranks of other celebrities including Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason, James Gandolfini, Val Kilmer, William Shatner, Jean Claude Van-Damme, Hulk Hogan and Raymond Burr to reign as Bacchus. - MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Tickets on Sale Now! for Intercontinental Hotel Stands
Tickets to the Intercontinental Hotel Stands are on sale Now. Parades that are available include, Endymion, Bacchus, Rex, Mid-City, Thoth, Iris, Tucks, Okeanos and more.. -

Family Gras cancelled due to Super Bowl and economy
The Jefferson Convention and Visitors Bureau has decided to cancel Family Gras for 2010. Sources tell FOX 8 that Family Gras was cancelled because of a weak economy, fewer sponsorship dollars, the cancellation or rescheduling of parades, the succes of our New Orleans Saints and the Super Bowl's expected draw from the event. . - FOX8LIVE.COM

Fund Raiser to help Mama Roux rebuild Krewe du Vieux Float

The Junque Sale from Hell - Sunday, December 6, 9:30am - 12:30pm at Fortier Park 3200 Esplanade Avenue at Mystery Street. Proceeds to help Mama Roux rebuild Krewe du Vieux float so that it may rise from the ashes! - MARDIGRASPARADESCHEDULE.COM

Super Krewes: Economy and Superbowl won't dampen Mardi Gras

The first of the star-studded Mardi Gras super Krewes announced its line up Tuesday for Mardi Gras 2010. But with the economy still stagnant, and the Saints looking playoff bound, what will that mean for the Carnival season? - WWLTV.COM

Actor Steve Zahn, singer Taylor Dayne to reign as celebrity monarchs of Orpheus
The Krewe of Orpheus this morning announced that actor Steve Zahn and multi-platinum recording artist Taylor Dayne will ride this year as celebrity monarchs. Joining them will be Disney Channel celebrity rockers The Imagination Movers, rock band Smashmouth, LSU baseball coach Paul Mainiere and New Orleans Saints football coach Sean Payton. The theme of the parade, which will roll on Monday, February 15, will be "Delectible Delights." - NOLA.COM

St. Bernard's Gladiators might roll on Mardi Gras Day
St. Bernard Parish has not had a parade on Mardi Gras since 1990, the last ride of the Mystic Krewe of Carnival. The Krewe of Arabi had paraded in the parish on Fat Tuesday for decades, but disbanded in 1987. “We want it to be like the old days - a family-affair-type thing with barbecue pits on the neutral ground,’’ Egan said. The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office said that the krewe has a permit in hand to parade on Feb. 16. Egan said the krewe has also covered the other logistics of getting floats, insurance, etc. Now, he said he’s trying to put together the needed 150 riders to make the parade a go. - NOLA.COM

Krewe Of Shangri-La Coronation Brunch
The Krewe of Shangri-La Coronation Champgne Jazz Brunch will be held on Sunday, November 15th. Doors open 11am with presentation noon. At this time Queen Shangri-La 37th will be revealed along with her Duchesses. There will also we 3 very special pieces that will be auctioned (live) and of course our Awesome Silent Auction. Wonderfulbaskets, jewelry, art work etc. A portion of the proceeds from the auction go to one of Shangri-La's special charties. For information contact the krewe at 228-860-7284. Cost per ticket $55 and tables of ten are available. - KREWEOFSHANGRILA.COM

Krewe Of Rhea Won't Roll In 2010
The Krewe of Rhea will not parade in 2010 because of problems with scheduling. A spokeswoman for the Metairie krewe told WDSU it was unable to secure a daytime slot on Feb. 7 and could only parade that night. Feb. 7 is the date of Super Bowl XLIV -- a game the undefeated New Orleans Saints hope to play in. Rhea was founded in 1969 and was the first Carnival krewe to roll down Veterans Blvd. The krewe hopes to return to the streets in 2011. - WDSU.COM

The Original Krewe of Orpheus wants to sponsor a
St. Patrick’s Day parade in Mandeville

The Original Krewe of Orpheus wants to sponsor a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Mandeville as a way to raise funds for the carnival organization, but City Council members question how much an additional parade will cost the city. Lex Cairns, president for the Orpheus, told the council last week the purpose of the St. Patrick’s Day parade is to provide an additional revenue source for the krewe. However, council members questioned why they should approve a fund-raiser for the group when it will cost the city more than $22,000. Captain Brett Lowe said he feels by allowing companies an opportunity to advertise, this would encourage people to shop in Mandeville and the parade could actually benefit the city financially through an increase in sales tax revenue. - THESTTAMMANYNEWS.COM

Jefferson Parish Krewe turns to advertising for riders
Call it the thrill of the ride or a chance of a lifetime, but joining your favorite krewe and riding along during carnival season may no longer be as difficult or as exclusive as you may think. Mardi Gras expert Errol Laborde said the times are changing. “I think the image to a lot of people is it's a big, exclusive deal, but that's hardly the case,” Laborde said.Because of financial hardships, some krewes have feared 2010 could be a tough year to keep old members and attract new ones. Laborde said it's simply too soon to tell if that's the case; however, there are some unusual advertising techniques seeking the attention of interested riders. - WWLTV.COM

Southern Decadence Parade Pictures
One of the largest annual celebrations in New Orleans, it has become known as the "New Orleans Gay Mardi Gras." The Grand Marshals for 2009 were Tittie Toulouse & Paloma. With the theme "Hurricane: This Year, They BLOW Back!" In the almost four decades since it started, Southern Decadence has become a traditional Labor Day weekend, end-of-summer, event.- TRAVELNOLA.COM

Enter to win a trip for 2 to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Popeyes is looking for a cool picture of you and your Krewe enjoying some Popeyes Wings? Shows Popeyes what you got and you could be on your way to Mardi Gras! One lucky winner wins a trip to New Orleans and four runner-ups will each receive a $100 Popeyes Gift Card. Be sure to check out all of the entries and vote for your favorite. You might even win a $100 Popeyes Gift Card just for voting! - POPEYES.COM

Houma Krewe membership rules scrapped
Terrebonne Parish government officials are trying a second time to set a rule requiring Houma Mardi Gras clubs to have a minimum number of riders on each float. The Parish Council rejected a recommendation Wednesday from its Mardi Gras Advisory Committee requiring a minimum of 200 members for any Carnival krewe that aims to parade. - DAILYCOMET.COM

ABC's 'Wife Swap' looking for Mardi Gras-mad local families
"Do you spend all year gearing up, planning parties, creating new floats, parades and balls for the festivities? Is your family heritage steeped in the traditions of Mardi Gras history? 'Wife Swap' is looking for entire families that live year-round for this spectacular event." Send contact information and a brief description of the nominated family's Mardi Gras mania here:, or call 646.747.7936. - NOLA.COM

Fire at Krewe du Vieux Den
Fire Damages Krewe Du Vieux Floats - "Four sub-krewes suffered damage -- the Krewe of Seeds, the Krewe of Lewd and the Krewe of Tokin," Kern said. "The Krewe of Crude had its float singed."
Kern said there were 15 floats from 13 krewes inside the den at the time of the fire. "You could see the floats on their whole back wall just burning," said nearby employee Michael Perry. WDSU.COM
The fire was EXTREMELY localized just taking the Seeds, Tokin and LEWD floats as well as the electrical and transluscent roof on that side of the den. VATUL.NET
Fire at Krewe du Vieux Den - It is being reported that floats from the Seeds of Decline, TOKIN and the Krewe of LEWD are pretty well toasted. We will updated as further info becomes available . HUMIDCITY.COM

Big Chief Junior among inductees at 11th Annual Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame
Big Chief Junior, 72, has remarkably masked Indian every year since he was 11 years old. He will be among the many Black Indians recognized at the 11th Annual Mardi Gras Indian Hall of Fame Induction and Awards Ceremony. The event takes place on Sunday, August 9, 2009, at the Ashé Cultural Arts Center, 1712 Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard. At 2:45 p.m., doves will be released in memory of the Mardi Gras Indians who have passed followed by the presentations. LOUISIANAWEEKLY.COM

Hercules Redfish Rodeo promises fun for all
Good food, great fishing and great prizes are the norm when it comes to fishing rodeos. But for members of the Krewe of Hercules, their annual redfish rodeo is the cream of the fishing rodeo crop in Terrebonne Parish. TRI-PARISHTIMES.COM

Edwin Hampton, band director at St. Aug's, dies at 81
Mr. Hampton will forever be remembered for the look and sound of his Purple Knights, the purple-and-gold-clad band members who march each year in Carnival parades. But his contributions to his school and community extended far beyond parades and football halftime shows. NOLA.COM

New study will gauge economic impact of Mardi Gras
A successful Mardi Gras is often determined by how heavy a pile of trash is left behind in the French Quarter following Fat Tuesday. The greater the tonnage of refuse littering the streets, the more successful a Carnival the city is believed to have had. But the true economic impact of the citywide, multi-day free festival is difficult to gauge. And two Tulane University professors hope they can change that. NOLA.COM

Krewe Of Pegasus Won't Parade In 2010
The New Orleans-based club was founded in 1957 and started parading in 1966. Krewe officials would not comment on the reason, but declining membership since Hurricane Katrina is the likely cause. WDSU.COM

Slidell passes new parade regulation
The Slidell City Council unanimously passed an ordinance that bans any float rider or parade spectator from tossing a throw that depicts male and female genitalia, buttocks or female breasts. If any float rider in any parade in Slidell throws a sexually explicit object of a float or disrobes during the parade, they will face a heavy fine from the Slidell City Court Judge. THESTTAMMANYNEWS.COM

2020 Mardi Gras Parade Schedule 2020


2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007


Mardi Gras Day, Afternoon French Quarter, 2/16/2010
Rex, King of Carnival 2/16/2010
Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club 2/16/2010
Covington Lions Club & Krewe of Covington 2/16/2010
Krewe of Argus 2/16/2010
Krewe of Orpheus 2/15/2010
Krewe of Proteus 2/15/2010
Krewe of Bacchus 2/14/2010
Krewe of Thoth 2/14/2010
Krewe of Mid-City 2/14/2010
Krewe of Okeanos 2/14/2010
Knights of Babylon 2/14/2010
Krewe of Endymion 2/13/2010
Krewe of Tucks 2/13/2010
Krewe of Iris 2/13/2010
Krewe of Muses 2/12/2010
Krewe of Morpheus 2/12/2010
Le Krewe d'Etat 2/12/2010
Mystic Krewe of Hermes 2/12/2010
Original Krewe of Orpheus 2/12/2010
Mystic Krewe of Druids 2/10/2010
New Orleans Saints Victory Parade 2/9/2010
Mystic Krewe of Barkus 2/7/2010
Mystic Krewe of Barkus 2/7/2010
Krewe of King Arthur 2/7/2010
Krewe of Carrollton 2/7/2010
Krewe of Olympia 2/6/2010
Knights of Nemesis 2/6/2010
Krewe of Pygmalion 2/6/2010
Knights of Sparta 2/6/2010
Krewe of Caesar 2/6/2010
Krewe of Pontchartrain 2/6/2010
Krewe of Alla 2/6/2010
Mystic Knights of Adonis 2/6/2010
Krewe of Choctaw 2/6/2010
Krewe of Eve 2/5/2010
Krewe of Atlas 2/5/2010
Krewe of Excalibur 2/5/2010
Krewe of Cleopatra 2/5/2010
Krewe of Oshun 2/5/2010
Jefferson City Buzzards & Phunny Phorty Phellows
Meeting of the Courts 2/1/2010

Mystic Krewe of Perseus 1/31/2010
Krewe of Little Rascals 1/31/2010
Krewe du Vieux 1/30/2010
krewedelusion 1/30/2010
Krewe of Slidellians 1/24/2010
Krewe of Claude 1/17/2010
Phunny Phorty Phellows Streetcar Ride 1/6/2010

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